A Hotel for Every Taste: The Cottonwood, The Clayton and The Curtis

As travel hits a new stride, so does the need for accommodations that provide more than merely a home base for a trip. Hotels have a unique opportunity to deliver memorable experiences that enhance brand loyalty by enticing guests to come back time and time again.

Over the past year and a half, LS Group has had the opportunity to provide lighting solutions for three distinctly different hotels: The Kimpton Cottonwood Hotel in Omaha’s historic Blackstone District, The Clayton Members Club & Hotel in Denver’s Cherry Creek North neighborhood and The Curtis Hotel in downtown Denver. While each lighting design creates a vastly different experience, all three tell a story as you walk through their doors and are well worth a visit.

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The Cottonwood Hotel

Traveling back in time, The Cottonwood is designed to maintain the historical integrity of the existing hotel, while bringing it into the modern era. From the moment guests enter the hotel, the lighting design takes them on a journey from present-day to the Roaring 20s. The entry sequence features seemingly simple fixtures that emit light in a striking starburst pattern onto the ceiling, setting the stage for the entire experience. A custom lighting piece spanning from beam to beam with a series of glowing orbs draws them in towards the reception desk.

As guests explore the hotel, they are transported further and further back in time through a strategic mix of recessed downlights, chandeliers, tape lights and track lighting that generally get warmer in tone. Wherever possible, the lighting highlights specific architectural features or artwork in key areas. In the Cottonwood Room, the hotel’s namesake tree is rooted behind the bar and illuminated with strategic uplighting to highlight the intricacies of the bark and leaves, creating a stunning and intimate centerpiece. Each room in the Cottonwood is a special experience that makes the stay nothing short of exceptional.

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The Clayton Members Club & Hotel

An inclusive membership club and hotel, with exclusive perks, The Clayton is a truly unique experience. The interior and lighting design are cohesively interwoven to foster community at every turn. The modern, upscale atmosphere at The Clayton promises comfort and connection for the entirety of guests’ stay.

LS Group incorporated linear indirect lights, recessed downlights and track lights to give each room a distinct feel, while highlighting design features such as vertical paneling, columns and vaulted ceilings. Illuminating interior portions of skylights, indirect lighting is used to create the appearance of daylight even on cloudy days to bring an uplifting energy no matter the weather. In the speakeasy-inspired Five Nines bar, a custom, fully integrated lit ceiling sculpturally anchors the space and is offset by under-bar and cove lighting. To maintain a dark and moody vibe, LS Group carefully studied the play of light on every material in the space. From the frosted acrylic on the bottle risers to the round globes, balancing light levels proved crucial to setting the right tone. The Clayton is truly a one-of-a kind experience and a must-visit in Denver.

The Curtis Pool

The Curtis Hotel

A complete departure from everyday life, The Curtis Hotel offers a playful and nostalgic environment. With the help of abstract installations, natural materials and vibrant colors, guests are invited to embrace their inner child and Colorful Colorado’s many seasons.

With all the whimsy and wonderment created by the interior design elements, the lighting design remains uncomplicated and supportive. Black track lighting disappears into the ceiling, enabling focused illumination to provide the perfect emphasis for each guest experience. The Curtis’ lobby offers multiple Instagram-able moments, whether it’s the “starburst” installation, which uses surface-mounted linear light tubes to create an eye-catching design, the strand lighting that creates a “starry” night sky at the drive-in, or the track lights that highlight the perfect amount of cheekiness at the “pool.”

Whether planning for a quick business trip, or just looking to get away for a weekend, these three hotels provide a memorable experience all their own. From subtle lighting details to focal point installations, there is something new to discover around every corner. Here’s to your next adventure!